The process is very easy. We encourage you to contact us for your inquiries about your vehicle. We will need a brief description of the vehicle. Year make and model approximate km's and condition for an appropriate estimate of your vehicles worth.

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Next, when we have made an agreement on your vehicle for disposal, we will need to have your address and the date and time for a scrap car removal at no charge to you. At this time it would be a good idea to have the registration ready as well.

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When our driver arrives to pick up your junk car, you will be given cash money! Your vehicle will be then ready for removal .

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Scrap Car Disposal

At Scrap Car Disposal we offer junk car removal services to a wide variety of people and companies. A scrap car that has been sitting to long, a vehicle that has broken down, a vehicle that has outlived it's usefulness or just not needed any longer, we offer cash money in most cases for your scrap car.

There are instances that you may have a newer model vehicle that you need to get rid of and we offer more money than the scrap value of the said vehicle. Remember we would be happy to help you and you have the choice to accept our offer or services or not.

We are friendly and easy going. We take great care not damage a customers property while retrieving a scrap car. This should be a happy experience and we try to make it so.


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If you would like a quick quote or need our services please give us a call @ Scrap Car Disposal. 604-825-0568